Friday, December 25, 2009

lazy.. moody.. sleepy...


working nowadays... becum much lazier ady... evryday at site oso find ppl chat here chat there...
work?sorry... not reali work... i admit...
usualy my working hours (8am-5pm) is past like this... (imagine urself)

8.30am reach (yes, 8.30am, u r not see wrongly... my working hour start 8am but i reach 8.30am)
then if got meeting, go meeting til abt 10am...
if no meeting, go chat with supervisor or subcon trainee til abt 10am also...
then 10am liddat eat breakfast... then chat again, maybe help supervisor tek photo of the site la...
then 12pm go makan again..
usually eat till 1pm+++ de... then cum bek maybe online a while... then walk around the site... juz simply walk.... walk... walk... then time vy fast one mar... 3pm+ ady lor... yumcha again... then chat again... then print foto awhile... then 5pm... balik rumah!!!!

nowadays, i can realise tat the feeling is differnet.. evythg had changed...i juz wan everythg to be fine.. i juz hope tat u will be happy...can hear u smiling, laughing.. but...nw evry msg oso seem like... undescribable.. i hope to be happy as well... but i cant... mayb evyone see me always smile, laugh here laugh there...but is it true? the song "ni bu shi zhen zheng de kuai le" by MAYDAY.. is reli a good song.. yesterday xmas eve, went to sunway, saw a clown, jump here jump there, act like reli crazy, sumo laugh there, dance happily... but, do him reli happy? is it true?

everyday sleepy... i dunno why... at office sumtime oso slept... maybe i reli tired... reli... reli.. tired already...

Sunday, December 6, 2009







gud luck to me

what had happened? i really don't know. Maybe i am really stupid, even stupider that i thought.
Happy, sad, happy, sad...
I know everything had changed. At least i can feel that.
I'm really tired. But i won't give up easily.
Teckwei, GOOD LUCK!

Friday, November 20, 2009

missing u...

Maybe i m stupid, maybe i m wasting time, maybe i m trying to achieve something that is impossible... alot of maybe, maybe...

I know, a lot people will think that i m stupid, wasting my time for waiting for something that is nearly 99% impossible to happen... I think, if my friends doing so, I will also surely feel that he is useless, stupid!!!

However, is it evyone need to be clever every time? Is it if we know that the thing is almost impossible then we should give it up? I don't think so... Nobody understand about the feeling... Even if 99% impossible, there is still 1% for us to hope for... While doing anything, don't think of is it worth or not, if u think u want to do it, just go ahead... Then u will not regret in future...

Maybe there will not be anybody to support me, but, for me, i will not give up easily...

Again, today, is a cloudy day... raining... my heart is raining as well...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


change.. u shud realize it also, rite?
if he dun msg her, i think, she wont msg him at all...
or now, even if he msg, she also, mostly, wont reply him as well...
what had happened? i think, she knw the reason herself, and he knw abt it clearly also...
what to do?the mind is totally blank... the world just becum colorless in the eye...
Whole person is lost, he dunno what he suppose to do, and suppose not to do...
However, no matter how, he will always support her... for every decision she made...
as long as she is happy, he will be happy...

Monday, November 2, 2009


是不是发生了什么事? 忽然之间,女孩的态度好像180度的改变了。



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

change uni le lar... utar CI no hope...

3words... cham cham cham...
3 panel members for the interviews... siti, ismail, elias...
n 5 persons in my group... Y3, Y2 n Y1...
n one word... DIE

UTAR CIVIL ENGINEERING... sorry... no hope ady... Want get recognized by BEM, IEM?? take extra exam lar!

Initially, we tot tat we will kena Elias.. n yizhong them kena ismail... who knw enter the interview room, the ismail come in... n v start to be vy sui..

he asked alot of thing... even yizhong them out ady, then the nex group cum in n finish ady.. tat tok jangut ismail stil asking!!!!!

We expected tat he will ask those general ques like the course obj... our opinion on university.. wat the life here etc... yup.. he asked... but thn suddenly he said... OK now i wan test abt the outcome...

What is the arch system... advantage?? Come in my mind is compression, but i nt sure abt it.. scare later say wrongly lagi cham... so i din answer it... end up he answer himself..

What is elasticity... Define stiffness, flexiblity,poisson ratio.... Hw to classify soil...sketch Bending Moment Diagram (indeterminate one)!!! where is the tension, compression area... Wat is water hammer??!! define hydraulic jump!!! etc etc etc.. (* i ask dr.khoo, she dunno abt water hammer as well...xD)

siao!! after exam i sure forget ady de marr...
so... haiz... it's ok... as he said...

so... suan le lar... jiayou lorr evy1...

Thursday, October 15, 2009




这一切,该结束了吗?男孩的答案,也许只有两个字 “不懂”。。 。


“爱情里最残忍的暧昧 是我明明知道我爱你 而我们却只是好朋友”

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Y3 S1 study week...

Frankly, i know that this semester i have become very, super lazy for academic...
Actually, i already predict that this semester, my result will surely drop from heaven to ground, or maybe paradise to hell... This semester, i suddenly join a lot of activities... make myself super busy of it... even now, study week, i still have to worry of the trip organized by my society... still need to update and deal with people from outside... i know tat, since the day that i join such committee, i will be sacrificing my studies, but i just wanna learn more thing during my university life, university is a place for us to learn not only academic, but also communication, leadership, or organizing skill, and also to build up our friendship right? But, i just know that i am not yet ready to sacrifice my result... really, not...

This semester, I have 5 subjects... okay, i arrange the subjects in the sequence of which comes first for this final exam. .

1st- fluid mechanics 2 (i will never study anything related to water again in my life, hate it.. how the fluid flow is its business, not i wanna go swim in it, why need to study it?! ><)

2nd- principle of electrical engineering (weird huh? i study civil engineering, but i never have a subject named 'principle of civil engineering', but i have to study principle of electrical engineering now... Wondering if my friends who are taking electrical engineering got to study 'principle of civil engineering' or not @@)

3rd- construction technology (a subject taught by our dearest Dr. Low Kaw Sai again... this subject, totally theory... i also don't know what is it about... seem like the theory about geotechnical engineering only. And just know that it seem like quite useless for me... because i hate memorizing the most!!!)

4th- geotechnical engineering (well, this subject all calculation, seem like i SHOULD like it a lot, because i prefer calculation than memorizing... But, i kept sleeping, chatting, coming late for this class... so till now, i also don't know what had i leard in this subject)

5th- structural concrete design (this subject i think is most important and related most to my field... but i can't find any interest in it... why? because of the good lecturer and good syllabus of this subject... till now, i think everyone of us still don't know what is the accurate method to solve the question... since the lecturer always "erm... we assume like this"... assume?? ya, she told us that there is no fix answer for the question... everything just assume.... and somemore, maybe the next class, she will tell you that she did wrongly in the previous lecture =.=")

ok, thats all for the subjects in my semester of this... no mood of studying these thing... i think, i just suitable to study those fundamental subjects... mathematics, statics etc. Those technical subjects, please, don't disturb me ><

Especially this study week, i touch only the subject that i THOUGHT is the easiest... principle of electrical engineering.. 1 subject in 1 week... i gonna die soon... i don't know why i will be so lazy... somemore i study this subject and that thing that is special is... i don't understand and cannot solve the tutorial question at all even if i have finish studied this subject...

Eh, ya.. i studied 1 more subject also... STATICS! yup... now i think my statics for 3D is quite pro already.. may score A if i take the exam.. haha.. but, useless for my subjects this semester.. ><

Besides, i really unlike the feeling that people keep thinking that i had really study a lot, but i am actually not.. and the feeling that people keep on saying that i very pro in certain subject already, or maybe need not study also can score very good result in the exam, saying that i am very fake that i said i haven't study at all... this will be annoying me since it will give me a lot of stress... if i really study, i will honestly tell you... it is not anything that is shameful... but if i haven't study anything, please, i am serious...

start worrying of my coming exam result... although a lot of my friends ask me not to be so stress, ask me to study hard, ask me to "add oil"... i think i may disappoint you all this semester...
GIVE UP? i hope i will not...

Friday, September 11, 2009



Monday, September 7, 2009



16/9-28/9 :考试
1-2/10 : 去关丹
12/10-31/12 :开始工作

唉, 命苦。。。 

我这次是9月4日就回来了,那天刚刚赶完14个星期的assignment,就是那个起屋子给原主民但是过后他又不要建的那个。。。赶了整个通宵,弄到4。55pm才搞定,5点得交了,赶着印,binding,到大学时已经5。10pm了。。。打给风扇,又不听电话,pigeonhole又剩下几本assignment罢了,应该是被视为late submission了吧,但,好在我们有高人相助哈哈哈。。 

那天一回到家,就开始收拾东西了,因为得赶去pudu买巴士票,第一次,当场买当场回,如果没有票,就再扛着重重的书包去三姐那的。但是,在我出门前,忽然找不到我的手表,现在也还蛮担心的,没有那手表,感觉周身不自在。。。我老豆在我中四时送我的咧,从我那时每次考试都会戴着它的,希望回到kl时可以找回来 ><

收拾着时,宝贝猪(别误会,是个男的。。。ken)在msn问我要不要去ms.cheryl 家喝酒,开party,看戏哦。。。但他没去。。。(ms.cheryl:UTAR DSA officer)。。。 我怎样去啦,回家大过天咧。。呵呵。。。不久后,kelvin又打电话来了,也是叫我去,结果我又拒绝了咯。。。呵呵

9点,赶着下来去pudu,一出电梯,听到一声“teckwei”从后面传来。。。哇,看到kelvin,miss ong他们一大班。。。还以为他们这么好心来送我,哪里知道原来他们是泊车后要走去ms cheryl家(才懂,原来ms cheryl住我家那里罢了,哈哈)


六点半到加央,当天,miao信息来说他回来了,问要不要出来。。。过后又说天杰约去kfc。。什么?!kfc?唉。。。又再来?!算啦。。。就去啦。。。miao说他为了我回来的哦,难道不给面子咩。。虽然让他在我家等了一下子。。。 哈哈
结果那晚我们(我,天杰,miao,思贤)就在kfc那呆了差不多一小时,真的只是呆而已,没买到半样东西,kfc的老板应该会很讨厌我们吧哈哈。。。(因为太多人了,没有人愿意牺牲去排队,哈哈)。。。 结果我们换去海之味,也加了一个andy。。。


第三天,刚才。。。也没什么特别的事,二姐的朋友从槟城来这里找房间,不懂算不算可怜,被派来加央医院做工。。。然后二姐和老豆就陪他们去找房间咯。。。好人咧。。。当然啦,我家人嘛,有我的遗传的咧^^ 下午,和女孩出去,很久没见到她了,大概。。。快一年了吧。。。这次出去,没之前的那么不自在了,还蛮轻松的。。。看海,很久没看到海了咧。。。虽然,难看了点,但也算是海啦。。。 呵呵。。。要回去了,她也要走了,不懂以后再相见的日子是几时。。。



Tuesday, September 1, 2009


其实我是有工作做的,但,因为技术上的点点问题,忘了转闹钟,手机忘了开声音,结果忘了起身,忘了准备茶点给vip =.="

八月三十日晚上,bear/sr korkor 打电话给我。叫我去晚餐哦。。。还有美诗/sr sousou和kelvin。。以为吃个晚餐而已咯,结果,忽然就去了titiwangsa 公园,还有dataran merdeka,要看烟花哦。。。结果。。。到了那里,果然很多很多人,还有个大营幕在那的草场上,那时大概11。45pm,我们就坐在草上看电视咯,tv2那时播着有关历史的电影,感觉上满好看的其实。。。但我们看时已经要完了。。。所以只看到一幕,是播着umno-mca的聚会,然后东姑在台上说他们要去英国争取独立,但不够钱,所以那时就很多人捐钱,满感动的。。。呵呵。。。
过后,看着旁边的大钟楼,快十二点了。结果就 “咚咚咚”。。。竟然没人倒数的哦,只是响了不久,就有几个人在乱喊乱叫。。。然后几个人站起来走回去。。。一些人在路边乱乱跳舞。。。结果,我们就很无奈的走回去车那里。。。烟花?发梦啦。。。

八月三十一日,和弟弟女儿出去看戏,还有一位好像是什么bbq的 lim。。。 去klcc 看 orphan。。。还不错的一部戏,只是没想象中的那么恐怖。。。只是后面满紧张的。。。哟,第一次跟女神女佣看戏咧。。。09年8月31日,这天不能忘掉咯。。。哈哈哈。。。看2pm的,我却1。45pm 才从蕉赖弟弟家赶过去,以为迟到了啦。。。结果。。。 呵呵,还好啦。。。 哈哈哈哈哈。。。
过后,去mv吃sushi,我人生中第一次的shashimi,相隔不懂五六年没吃了的sushi,统统在这一天吃了。。。 呵呵。。。过后,载弟弟去timesquare那里找家人,结果,迷路了。。。走到。。。pj。。。再弯个大弯才去到目的地。。。真的是。。。厉害到。。。
过后哦,就去三姐家咯,还车给她,再等khoo来载我们回setapak,因为bear/sr korkor叫去他家火锅哦,也是满突然的。。。八点开始的,但我们10点才到。。。女王女佣也有去。。。之前还担心他们俩会不习惯,结果,我的担心是多余的,因为,他们俩竟然玩游戏时还比我疯狂哈哈哈。。。 这样一搞,就6点早上了。。。

今天呢,4。30pm就去了pj。。。去和那里src弄个joint event-merdeka week exhibition。。。好听是我们联办,不好听就是我们是他们的下属,被他们点来点去。。。我们是客人,来帮他们做东西,一句谢谢都没有,还丢下我们在那里,自己回家了。。。好,我喜欢!够爽快!
过后就和ms ong去 sentosa 吃晚餐。。。快9点半了才回家。。。

明天(等下)。。。开始就快疯了。。。开始忙到快死了。。。bridge competition的开会,traveler's den 的开会(应该没去了)。。。 过后再讨论assignment,晚上又要开始赶assignment 和准备presentation的资料了。。。唉,最惨的都是那烂风扇的assignment!!很烦很烦很烦!!!!!

(*烂风扇~我的其中一位教授 lam foong sin)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

week 14...






我也蛮感性的哦原来。。。 哈哈哈哈!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

This semester... Tired

tired... tired... tired...
tired of evythg... tired of studies, tried of curriculum activities, tired of src, tired of friends, tired of love, tired of competition...

study~i hv reli no idea on what had i studied or learned in this semester... sorry for my noob-ness... i reli... cannot understnd of it even if the lecturer said tat it is just "high-school" stuff... am i cannot be compared to a high skul student? maybe i m worse than a hi-skul student... i m not sure... reli... reli... worry of this semester... kia-su... i admit it... evy1 tot tat i vy pro, but in fact i m not... evy1 said... "wah... president list lor.. u dunno, then hu will knw lor... if u fail arr? then i no nid tek exam ady lor"... speechless... this semester=die...assignment started from week1 till week14... structural concrete design... sumthing tat make us sufferring for the whole semester... lamfoongsin... aiz...

curriculum activities~moulala becum the vicechair of traveler's den... n organizing the sg lembing trip... evryday worry of the market... targetting 35 ppl... if not reach it, or anythg happen... the loses will be responsibled by us... n which is not a small value... duty at booth evyday, make me have no free time to hang out with frens during break time...

src thing~merdeka week... utar ball... blablabla... meeting... and also budget n financial account... wth... i not even settle the account for merdeka week else... then also caused of src meeting n activities... make me skip quite lot of classes... no wonder heard ppl said, entering src thn hv to prepare for getting worse in exam... assignment, the last week already... week 14... there is still an assignment which i think is the toughest one and not yet completed... make my life... BORING!

friends~wanna hang out with frens like previous semesters... but how? i can't... can't even find out free time for hanging out... i knw that maybe i am already started being erm... maybe "boycott" for always refuse to go out with coursemates... coz of meeting n other activities.. but i can do nth... well, now, actualy i juz come bek from hanging out with hanjian, weihao n khaishen... yumcha (or my dinner) and pool... lol.. til 5am...

love~well, wat is love? who do i love?? i dunno.. n vy blur of it... i dun wanna think abt it... i rmbr got sumbody told me b4, love is suffering... dun love is better... erm.. quite agree with it... do i love her? i dunno, and i hope tat i wont think so much... so, now, what can i do is jz treat evy1 as gud frens... and of coz, i luv all my frens... i juz dun wanna to let ppl hate, and hope tat ppl will like me n treat me as gud or maybe best fren...

competition~a gud news... our team is qualified for the bridge competition by UTM... din expect tat we can be accepted since the design is simply draw one using 1 nite time... somemore there is quite a lot problem occuring during the drawing stage... however, qualified into the competition, mean we have extra thing to do during these months... haiz... exam+assignment+trip+now, bridge competition again....

exam till 28th of Sept, 30th nite of Sept goin to sg lembing trip, till 2nd of Oct... 5th of Oct goin to UTM Johor for competition till 7th of Oct.. and industrial training, which i dunno when shud i postpone to... maybe 12th... let Dr. Lai them decide on it... coz i think IJM wil kill me if i tell them i wan to postpone again... but the training will be ended on 31th of Dec... means... i can only go back Perlis on January 2009..summore less than 1 week.. coz of the orientation for January intake... haiz haiz haiz...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


A very ... erm... dunno-how-to-describe day today...
well, for tis blog, jz let me briefly write down what had i done in this semester... as a memory for me in the future... so, i think i hv to write it here 1st bfore i forget it...
well, in tis sem, i join quite a lot of... so-called curiculum activities... From orientation, to src, to society... orientation, as mentioned, i was the ast. treasurer for RCM... but in fact, is responsible for VIP n helpers food.. oo, ya, i was oso the oath taker for the mass call, whose voice is the loudest wan, according to my juniors.... LOL... but we r praised by mr.denish.. manager of DSA, haha~
thn i was the helper for icebreaking n wfc.. wfc, till now i stil dunno wat i actualy helped them in the event... i jz remember, i took the helper tag, n sat there for the whole concert... n, mayb... again... the sound-effect manager... LOL..
well, for the icebreaking, which was the event tat made me knw the most juniors... bcoz i was the faci for the icebreakin, or so-called SPY... lol... from there, i knw a lot of frens... but i think till now, the most got contact de oso are jz qi and doni onli... we r 小毛驴... lol.. stil rmber?? WAKAKA
ok, then i mongchacha then enter jor SRC... student representative committee...become the treasurer of it... sound vy yeng rite?? but actualy not... is the committe tat let ppl "put on table" wan... evythg oso nid to involve, evythg oso related to us.. damn busy!!!! and then, one day, zhiling ask me whether wan join comitee for society o not... n then, again, mong cha cha, then becum vice chair of traveler den ady... swt... doubt, tis sem i reli get knw a lot lot lot lot new frens... compared to few previous semesters i at UTAR... n most of the new frens tat i knw is coz of... ice breaking, society, src, malacca "TRIP" and 2nd book selling!!

so-called malacca trip...thx for "strong man"

oohh.. ya, n also coz of i help xinqi (a cute gal from my icebreaking group) to help her n her frens to register art n craft membership, so i get to knw the two frens of her, fiona n peiseen... i knw fi 1st, n how i knw her? it is coz of a vy... funy? or sory? story.. lol.... but coz of tat case oso, i with they three gals bcum more gud frens.. coz of the RM10 senior, or RM6.66666 seniors and the bubble milk tea (where i knw seen there)... haha...
yaa, i knw mr.v as well from selling books... among so many juniors i sell 2nd hand books, i think mr.v is most gud wit me de laa... altho not vy gud fren oso XD
ok then... i mong cha cha bcum src ady maa, so i oso get to knw sum src from other campus... especially sg long wan... dunno y, mayb is a tradition... usually KL campus n sg long campus src more close wan.. but not other campus... hahahhaa...
then, in this sem, i oso mongchacha then go jor join 1 competition... a vy nice competition.... ASEAN build n break competition... at UNITEN.... quite a nice wan... we built a tower crane prototype by using the material they provided us on the spot... in abt 3-4 hrs for us to build... UTAR sent two teams there... CI y3 and y4 students... guess wat, y4 students lose jor... but we!! din lose... juz.. disqualified =.= hahahhaha...

pity us kena "mao kai tao" for our lunch... looking on sky...blaming the god.. y our life so poor...
our "baby" after 3 o 4 hours... on mr.tan table SA block now...
oh ya, we had a trip last time... goin to KL (from KL go KL??? =.=)... a trip by traveler's den... quite happy tat tis trip can success... altho i m not the organizing committee... i involved quite lot in it... so i think i ady treat tis trip as my "baby" lol..

thn... cant think of anythg ady... juz tis sem, quite sien the subj... lamfoongsin... haiz... asgmnent frm week 1 - 14... sot sot sot!!!! low kao sai... dunno wat he teach!!! evyday "huh... huh... huh..." sien!!! dr.chew... he teach quite nice kua... but i dunno... cz he teach, i sleep o i talk!!!! lee min lee... ok larr.. but i chat oso =.=" sorry to them... T_T
Ya, tis sem, i oso becum the helper of Famine 30... 1st time din eat solid food for 30hours... wow... n i din hungry at all!!! (cheat ppl wan larr).... but stil ok larr... 30 hours onli maa.. sapsapsui.. altho we actualy is famine 33... lol... then i saw ah mei oso!!!! rocks! guangliang oso... altho i asleep when guangliang sang til half... paiseh to him ><

Together with a cute gal, wei wei at the famine camp... youngest in our camp, 7yrs old!
but didi said me gold fish uncle (look alike me?!) ><
ok, week 13 ady now.... but my knowledge still on week 1 o 2 onli... hahhha... vy nice.... tis sem.. goin to die lorr.... n i till now dun even knw when i wan to go bek kampung... i tak tau.... i wanna go bek, tis weekend o nex? haiz... if i dn bek either of these two week.. i hv to wait wait wait wait till NEXT YEAR!!! yeah!!! coz i hving exam till 28th of Sept, then 1 n 2nd of Oct hving another trip (oso traveler's den one), thn 5th of Oct haiz... work ady... with IJM.... sien sien sien ><

The project that i will be going to internship for... A 5-star hotel at KL

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

long long long time din write blog le lorr...

well... reli quite long time din blog ler...
erm... 1 month 2 month... forget le lorr...wakakaka... fanzheng nobody knw tat i got blog oso de larr.. lol....
well... to explain here, actualy i start blogging since form5 ady... here is the proof... u guys can see from here...

hahaha... i stil rmbr my very 1st blog is abt a scorpio wan.. lol... coyotito as in form5 novel... kakaka... well... i show the link here juz to prove tat i m NOT influenced by any1 to begin blogging... erm... scare tat u guys tot tat i m like sum1 maa... LOL... ya... i m vy "expensive", understnd?? LOL
hahaha... but tat one is longlonglonglonglong time punya history jor...
so ok larr... since nth to do recently.. (in fact, a super bz semester >< vy fan, vy stress, vy bz... my frens got feel it??) so now... i start unlock my blog la... n thn start to update it... ermm...
well... today still nth much to write larr... quite lazy ady... tmr stil goin to hving 2 tutorial... 1 meeting n 1 sg long erm.. dunno wat competition...but i knw go there to see sr korkor flirting lar... wakakka... lol... k lar... byebye...

Sunday, May 24, 2009


刚才看到有个因为orientation认识的朋友在msn的personal message里写了一句“男孩放手让女孩走,不是男孩放弃了女孩,而是因为男孩太爱女孩”,很熟悉的一句。
这,不就是我之前写的吗?他说,是他以前抄我的。我以前写的personal message他都有留下来,说很有意思。呵呵,原来我写的东西也有fans的。。。


对了,今年二姐的生日,也发生了一场意外。三姐,本来想驾车找我的,忽然车前的盖松了,整个飞了起来,遮住前面玻璃镜,她说,当时很危险,看不到前面的车,而旁边全部的车都停了下来让她。结果,得把那盖敲出来(因为扁了点),还要接回去它的joint。而那天,原本打算留在setapak的我,就跟着 ah khoo 的车去了 cheras 我姐家。

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Monday, May 18, 2009


回家了。玻璃市的家。这次是搭飞机回来,和意雁,joaane 一起。十三日的air asia,而今天看报纸得知当天有位搭air asia的飞机去槟城的其中一位乘客得了H1N1,11am 起飞的,幸亏十一点时我还在setapak。所以应该没关系吧~
回来了几天,这几天都跟朋友出去,广财,耀谦,静萦,意雁,正涵等等。。。喝茶,打球,还去SP Carnival玩水。。。



Thursday, April 16, 2009

One day trip for CI G3

bla bla...
another "one day selangor trip" for CI G3...
yesterday... 15th April... we were having class from 1-2pm... and after that got a briefing about course selection to 2.30pm...
well, after the briefing... Joan, suddenly told us that she wanna go to Batu Cave, since she never went there b4 although Batu Cave is jz few stones away from Genting Klang...
ok... so how? juz ON lorr!
well, since i din having my lunch yet because i wake up quite late on tat day =.= so we decided to go having our lunch at a Lim Chicken Rice Shop at Kajang which is opened by my coursemate Mei mei family...
After tat, we went for the Batu Cave!!!
Heard of this place since primary school and pass by this place for several times, especially whenever i get lost while driving in KL... haha... but this was the very 1st time for me to enter this so-called tourism place.. rm2 for the parking fee... erm...
then goin up there and suddenly yachie feeling not well and thus she din enter the temple ady... even though she ady climb up the so-called vy high n long staircase...
Well, Batu Cave is famous of its staircase, i think evy1 from m'sia should knw abt it... but, after i went there, juz i realize that the staircase is not reli vy long... compared to that 18 floor staircase we nid to climb up when our lovely Sri Pelangi blok 128 lift got problem or too slow, it is jz a small matter.. haha
Well, after visiting the Batu Cave, sudenly hanjian said... "we went kuala selangor eat seafood la" then we reli go there... after drop yachie at her house and waiting for yeelin to get her so-called GPS, but not reli useful... hahah... we going to MU to fetch hueixing oso... Then we go for the Kuala Selangor where i never went there b4... 80km from setapak... erm... near?? depends on wat u all think lor..
Driving for so long quite a reli suffering thg... aiz... it's reli further than i imagined... n finally we reached there... Having our dinner at a dunno-wat-name restaurant and cost RM18 per person... There is also a karaoke there and Serene was proudly invited by us to sing 2 songs there...
After the dinner, we went for the Kampung Kuantan for fireflies seeing... 1st time see so many fireflies there... n also the sky with uncountable stars... erm... quite a romantic place and suitable place for couple... Looking around, in front of me is hueixing... beside of me is yeelin... wahh... soooo xingfu niaa me... two LENG LUI from civil engineering lerr... envy lerr... hahahaha... but actualy quite pity me... hahaha...
After evythg, we decided to go bek ady lorr... On the way bek, yeelin said dun wanna use the road we used when we come ady, coz it is not nice to drive there, so she suggested to tek a nicer, bigger but longer road which pass by klang, shah alam, subang, pj, etc. Then we said, since we ady reach pj, y not we jz stop at SS2 murni for a tea? So yeelin quickly fon meimei's car to tell them tis news.. Below is the conversation... (she foned mei mei)

Lin: Mei mei, u pass ur fon to khaishen now, u r driving, i scare later dangerous, fast, pas to him
(after khaishen answer)
Lin: Khaishen, now i tell u, but u dun answer anythg, n dun let meimei knw abt it... u tell mei mei and pretend tat u dunno the road, then let us direct the road... we are goin to murni now...ok?
Shen: Wat i wan to tell u is... very early ago, mei mei ady switch to loud speaker...
(Then followed by a laugh from meimei car and yeelin start to be paiseh and hang the fon)

But anyhow, meimei car oso drive slower and let my car to cut over it and bring them to murni... lol... Then at last, we let mei mei go bek 1st since her family ady phoned her for few times ady... And my car is going to fetch peter and 4 MU ppl... and finally i reach home at 2.30am... zzz

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


不久后,solo king和阿庞也起身了,那前一晚solo king住我家,因为要和阿庞一起搞定“土木工程建筑材料”(civil construction material)的功课,而我无所事事的不懂该做什么好。。。
那是个brycream的广告,听他们说早上已经开始拍了。。。还遇到了一位好像 ika 的马来人,呵呵~
安排好位置,就叫我们找几个人一起扮谈天,做到好像很热闹酱。。。然后两个男主角会在人群中走去前面跟两位女主角讲话,这短短的场景而已。。。花了大概两小时拍=.= 那时的我们站在最后面,所以广告里肯定没有我们的存在。。。说了嘛kelefe呵呵

Thursday, February 26, 2009



原本有考试的,工程分析(engineering analysis),听起来好像很高级的科目吧。。。但其实就是数学一个。但当天的考试取消了,原因是阿彪,那个被我们投诉的教授,由于校方了解他并不会教书,所以延迟了当天的考试,也决定了要换个教授给我们。当天原带着期待的心情看看谁将是所谓的新教授,但,到了课室,看到的,依然是那位熟悉的彪哥。据说,他当天上课时还低声下气的跟我们道歉,而且还有slideshow的,什么“以和为贵” 还有一只snoopy带着一队小狗走来走去,说every team must hv a leader...但,迟到的我,错过了这场好戏。。。

星期二~考试结构分析II(structural analysis II),也很高级吧。。。但事实上跟我们前几个学期学的东西没两样,只是问题难了点



星期五~要交实验报告,最好笑的是,要交了,而我却还没做完,还在这里写部落格 T.T 来不及了啦。。。现在已经六点四十五了!!!discussion还没动到!!!

快疯了。。。 通宵都不懂通了几天了。。。我,会忙死吗?

Sunday, February 22, 2009



"My sincere apology to all of you. I admit my mistakes and willing to change to serve the students better. I hope all of you can give me a chance. I promise to help you in whatever way I can. Can you help deliver this message to your classmates? I will still see you in Tutorial and the lecture will be new lecturer. Anyway I hope you can give me a chance to correct the situation."



ps: 彪哥=黑社会老大?错了,而是我们永远最崇拜最帅的教授!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009