Monday, July 19, 2010

A summary of previous events and Kite Story..

It is a dark night. I m now at Bkt Jalil, my sisters' house. A house that gives me a feeling of family at KL, coz all my siblings are staying here. (or i can say, all my sisters laR)

Why will i come over here today? altho it is a monday? this is coz my cute sister bday on the nex day. So my eldest sister planned with me to give her a surprise, coz the bday sis will nver guess tat i will appear at her house to celebrate with her.
(for ur info, according to her, the prev 2 years i also fgt abt her bday and wished her BELATED bday on 21st instead of 20th, lol)

Erm, reli quite a long time i din update my blog ady... Altho quite a lot thg happen around me these months. I felt like blogging all the time, but... laziness, u win lar... hehe

Well, these months, I have joined a lot of activities... 1st, the Redang trip (16-19/5/10)... It was my vy first time in my life to see such a nice and pretty beach. Altho the sea was reli polluted, corals were mostly dead. But i still luv the place a lot! However, since it was organized by the traveler's den and incharged by me, i was not reli fully enjoy myself tat time. Many unexpected thg happen which had spoiled my mood tat time. Lost of participants' belongings, 2-hours late of bus driver, injury of sum participants etc etc... had made me headache all the time. It reli tested my responsibility for the whole trip. Anyway, evythg was solved, the loss of money of the participants was refund by the resort management, evy1 was quite enjoy for the trip. Seeing the participants enjoy is the greatest happiness to the organizer. Altho the bus driver was actualy late for abt 2-3 hrs when we wanna go bek KL, the participants were so understanding and din blame me at all... we summore together in the bus complaining abt the bus driver ^^ After reaching KL, the trip was ended by a McD set for all the participant FOC! which was actualy not in our planning b4 tat!

Tis is my last organized trip throughout my whole uni life, i guess. and i reli thx evy1 who made tis trip a success! Organize a trip is not difficult, but to organize an affordable yet enjoyable trip is reli hard... so, who said RM300+ cant go to Redang?! we proved tat it is wrong! for ur info, our redang trip is cost RM340! including resorts, meals at Redang, 1 t-shirt, 3 packs of snacks, 2 mineral waters, 2 breads, Kurnia personal accident insurance, bus transport for two ways and last but not least, a set of McD!!! it sounds unbelievable? but it is true!

after the trip, i hav joined a camp (28-30/5/10)... my 1st camp after secondary skul... as a participant lar... well, it is a camp introduced by jingying, my kindergarten + secondary skul fren. This camp is organized by YMM and participated by uni/college students from Malaysia and China. The main objective of tis camp is to get know abt chinese of both diff countries. Tis is reali a great experience of mine... coz of tis camp, i get to knw quite a lot of china frens. i get to experience their lifestyle and get to knw more detail abt china. guess wat, most of the china ppl shower together in the bathroom! yaa, w/o any clothes!

another event of mine, is the FEStival 2010. Tis is an event which was planned las semester. the orgnizing committee was formed las sem. but there is no meeting at all since then. evy1 thought tat it will be canceled, coz lack of time. according to prev committee experience, they nid abt 3 months to organize such event. however, we dun wan to cancel it, coz it is jz like an anual event of our campus ady, since two years ago... we dun wan tis to stop coz of us. so, we insist to continue the event, even if it is a small one.. we meeting with the DSA... we went to find sponsorships.. and finally we success to make it (23/6/10)! and it was not a small one! sum even said tat it was greater than the previous year... for me, erm, it may be better, but i think it is a great one ady, since it was an event which we used 19 days to prepare it, including meeting, sponsorship, program etc... gud job for all the committee!

and yaa... forget abt the city tour 6/6/2010... yaa... tis my 2nd time to join city tour... the oldest ever participant for city tour, erm.. i guess.... evy1's student ID was start with 10xxxxx or the committee was start on 09xxxxx but mine... 07xxxxx >.< No choice, sobsob, who asked me go to put my didi on the table to ask her be the chairperson lorr... but nvm lar... i din look old at all rite? :P anyway, it was another great experience for me!

well, time reli wait for no man... vy fast, it is ady week 8 for tis "new" semester... altho it is week 8 ady, but it still seem "NEW" to me... and quite alot of thg happen in these weeks... frens relationship problem... fren's relationship, it seems like not reli related to me rite? but, that frens are both my good frens.. and i hv 2 tek the responsibility of frens to console both of them.. i din even expect tat they would break up.. it reli prove tat nothg is imposible...

Love? wat is it actualy? two persons who loved each other b4 can becum strangers suddenly after they break up... it sounds cruel rite? It made me feel tat it is jz friendship can reli last long, but the probability for relationship to last long is reli an unknown...

recently, my didi told me a story abt kite...playing kite reli have to be skillful... we nid to release sumtime and nid to grab tight sumtime... well, i admit tat i m not a great kite player... since i not reli gud in playing kite since i was small... altho i played few times with andy, miao, chai them at the paddy field there larrr during secondry skul... perhaps, getting a kite is not hard, but to get a suitable kite is reli hard... i dun like the feeling of simply get a kite and play it... mayb, sumtime a kite will fly to us by themselves, sum ppl will grab it and play it until they find another more suitable kite and throw the old one away. There was once a kite fly to me also, and it reli attracted me to grab it tat time, but very soon, once i nearly grab it, i felt it was not the kite i want, the feeling tat the kite give me is not the one i m looking for. Thus, i decided to release my hand, and let it go... i know, altho it is not the kite i m looking for, it might be a great kite for another person...So, evybody, if u r looking for a kite, please choose it carefully.. A suitable kite may last forever. And, if u ady own a kite, please appreciate it, tek gud care of it and love it...

Anyway, again... Dear Fi~ Happy Birthday!!