Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st blog in Year 3 AKA extreme race

Well, this is my 2nd week for my year3 sem3. It is totally a busy sem for me.. my frens can feel it also.. busy for meeting, busy for orientation, busy for internship report, busy for utar ball, busy for assignment, busy for application of wat US thg, busy for etc etc etc..

This morning we having a so-called UTAR 1st extreme race by Askar Wataniah.. It is an event organized at FRIM.. n i join it for no reason oso.. initially wanna go Genting with yiyan, hean, miao etc one.. but.. i put their aeroplane coz of the RM 50 i have submitted to the extreme race.. sobsob..

Well, what do you think abt extreme race? SURE larr muz be extreme!!! but then this one, quite... erm... dunno hw should i describe also.. we are given 2 eggs and we hv to protect it along the race.. there will be so-called criminals to destroy ur eggs... but, it is juz a "so-called" larr... not reli exist one lol..

1st game, search for marble in lake... it reli depends on our luck actually.. coz, if u are lucky enuf, u step on the sphere-like item, u take it up, then if it is a guli, then u succeed... but, if u jz step on small small stones like me, then sorry... hehe... and all the participants all like fighting for the guli onli... including me of coz..

Well, there are other games as well, like eat leaves, pumping in water, rolling on the grass under the hot sun (i kena khaishen kick my head many times >.<) etc etc.. yaa, there is a station, where there is a plate of wormmmm.. EAT WORM?!!!!! no lar, fear factor mehh? jz simply nid to use ur tongue to tek the papers out from the plate onli lar...swt rite?

Yaa, another game!!! puzzle!!! and for u to play the puzzle u hv to wait 1st, coz so many teams, and there are onli 2 o 3 puzzle there... so u nid to wait.. wait.. then pumping, sit-up again, and the most important is let the person-incharge there happy,then u may proceed to the game...haha...

So, we used our team song, to let them happy... tat was created by us along our journey since peter terseliuh his leg tat time, so we jz walk n create a lot of stupid stuff.. it sounds...

"Tanggal tiga puluhhhh, bulan satu, dua ribu sepuluh.. Extreme race, extreme race, SRC menang, ia pasti menjadi sejarah...."

hehehe.. tis is one of our slogan also... where our initial slogan is jz short n simple... which is... "oooorrrrhhh, champion!" kakaka...

Then we created again, a new one slogan... which is... "(Khaishen)How many two eggs in our lives? (Teckwei aka me)The most important isssss~~~ (All) ENJOY!"
(quoted from Mr CHAI GAO, hehe..)

Well, the 1st team finish the race on 10.30pm, and we finish at... dunno wat time wor.. coz i dun hv watch with me tat time >.< but we get 191 marks lorr... not bad oso ady... we not planned to finish it early one, coz they said the race is not based on ur speed, is based on the marking... (altho the champion won coz of their time worr... weird rite?)

Then, the lunch, application fee RM50/head, and guess wat is the lunch? YES!! it is rice!! with three vege!! ya, VEGE... RM2 can get one at genting klang or RM2.5 can get one at wangsa maju...

Yes, keavin, asked me to write sumthg abt him... so i mentioned him here also lar... coz he said my blog always sad larr.. hehehe.... so after write ur name here, happy ady?? wakakka...

Weihao, shaojie, hanjian, solo king them get lost in the jungle wor.. they took the wrong road... so tats y we all weird coz they are actualy faster than us one, but they still hvnt reach after we all finish shower, finsh meal... hehe...

Quoted from Mr. Richard... "guli race 一场以guli决胜负的比赛..." and he said, ah pang imposible to be so fast one, coz their group is the faster to reach the end point among all the CI their training effective??? the answer is... "coz of ahpang's mouth, got ppl will injured (my team), got ppl will get lost (hanjian's team)" lol...

Anyway, it is still a great experience for us lar... tis is jz the 1st time for them to organize it... i believe tat there will surely be improvement in future! gambate nahh... ^^

Saturday, January 9, 2010

going back to KL

That's right. i am going back to KL already... for 9 hours more...
Sri Maju Bus (RM43) 10 am @ Kangar Bus Station, 10/1/10

Well, i'm having my class start on 18th, but the orientation, meeting all are on 11th. So, i need to rush back to UTAR for attending these activities. Why need so? Coz of the 3 letters, SRC or the 3 words, Student Representative Committee..

Today is the 1st time i take beer from my house refrigerator to drink. I never drink it before at my home. Although i drank it outside before, of course. This coming back, is the one which i go out the least one, no much friends coming back. And i didn't go to Derma as well. Most of the friends i know at derma, have gone. The form 5 students now, is the one who just enter form 1, in the year of 2006, in other words, the year after we left derma. Realize that time, really pass very fast. 4 years already, i have been graduate from secondary school for four years. Can't really imagine that.

Went to visit meyven just now, she is still the same. No much change. She asked for having a gathering or any activity in the coming CNY. Everyone in our form, have seem to be separate and no much gathering being hold in these few years. Friendship among us, have being weaker and weaker. Well, of course, i hope that this gathering can really been worked out, but is it really possible?

Well, i promised myself, this new year, i need to change myself. Transform myself to be a cheerful person, to be happy all the time. I will forget all the unhappy stuff. And i believe, i can do that (:

Now, report ya report, I am headache of you... How can u treat me so? Can i finish it in 2 days? i hope so also, and i want to go back to IJM site to collect back some information, but, see first.

Maybe just forget about it. And the appraiser form to be submitted to Dr Low also still with me. I haven't submit to low kaw sai yet. Sweat...

WELL... The new intake for UTAR is reaching. Welcome all the new victims to UTAR and congratulation to UTAR for successfully cheating those new students ya...

Thursday, January 7, 2010









Monday, January 4, 2010

my industrial training...

The industrial training have been finished already.. what's coming now is the report... the ~10000 words report, writing about what have I learned during the 12weeks.. it is really a tough task for me, since i dunno what shud i write inside... shud i write.."i learn how to snake effectively... i experienced the working life of drinking alcohol at bar after working hour... i learn how to hide from the construction manager's eye sight after i went breakfast for 2 hours...i know how to handle the government and pay for the money of so-called minum kopi.."???

[i wondering how is the lecturer's response after seeing these...]

Frankly, being a trainee, is really very hard.. the most important role of a trainee is to cheer up the staffs there.. listen to the staffs there.. acting support them... although we r not happy, moody.. we are still need to act like agreeing with them, try our best to laugh when they talk something that is not funny.. cannot reject anyone... heard this feler say the bad thing of the another guy, in the other hand, listen to that another guy to talk bad of the previous feler to us.. and we are just like a way for them to put out all of their "gases"...

Anyway, it is still a good experience for me.. Building a hotel, a five-star hotel... it was my dream since i was small... i still remember when i having my interview for IJM scholarship, i say i luv hotel, i hope that i become a civil engineer and i m able to build a hotel by my own.. they asked me why, i said, coz i love to see ppl being happy... and staying in hotel is usually when ppl go for a vacation, they will stay in the hotel happily and i like the feeling..

Ya, now, some ppl said, maybe my dream have come true... but, i doubt...

In this training, i have known some of new friends, new staffs and maybe some foreign workers. I tried night duty. I tried over night at site before. which i nvr experience it... working as a contractor, is actually not related to what have we learned for 4 years in the course of civil engineering.. the so-called engineer in a project, is referring to the consultant engineer... but, i have no choice now for trying to be a consultant, my life have been chosen... my 5 years after graduation have been decided. what will i be in the 5 years? will i be successful in construction line? i doubt...

Come back to perlis.. a place of which i hope to come back every single second. last time, i went back was 2 months ago, it was just a weekend, not a holiday.. and i back for just a short duration which is 2 days.. these two days were the happiest moment of me in the year of 2009. tat's true..

The time past reli very fast... when i was a kid, i wondering why the adult keep saying time and tide wait for no man.. and kids, keep saying that the time pass vy vy slow... but now, i can really feel that, time really pass very fast... and now, already year of 2010... will it be a happy year? will it be a blissful year? will it change my life totally? i doubt...

Anyway, happy new year to all of my friends...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

















Saturday, January 2, 2010


LOVE? wat is LOVE? i also dunno what is love... a 21-year-old guy know nothing abt love, funny huh? haha...

I dunno why can a person luv another person but he wil still hurt her... is it called love?

I dunno, maybe just in my thinking.. i always think that guy and gal who r in a relationship, the male must love more than the gal.. just the gal will be xingfu.. tats y, if i saw a guy treat his gf not as gud as the gal treat him, honestly, i will be quite not siok with it.. maybe, tis is because i have no gf, haha...

but, no but... just i hope everyone i love, including u... ya.. u!! to be hapy... then i will be happy...
gud nite everyone..