Saturday, April 30, 2011

五年@UTAR - Foundation篇

Initially I planned to write in Chinese, but I lazy... =.="

Well, 9 days later will be my next paper on Wastewater Treatment, which will be also my last paper at UTAR, thereafter UTAR will be only my memory, not more my university.

As mentioned in the title, this blog will summarize my 5-year life at UTAR, from PJ campus to KL campus.

First of all, WHY would I choose UTAR? Is it really UTAR is MY CHOICE? Well, it was a long long long time ago... When I was in Form 5, I still blank of what should I choose for my future career. I don't have any ambition at all, except be a HOTEL TYCOON, and built the very 1st hotel at the MOON =.="""

That time, my 3rd sis, was also choosing for college and courses. Initially, she chose QS at TARC, but after that she changed to UCSI due to scholarship. That time, I started to know about the course of QS, quantity surveying.

Soon, I finished my SPM. Among all subjects I studied, MATHEMATICS and AD MATHS were my favourite, thus I wanted to choose some subject which related to math. I was told that QS was something about calculation only, thus it became one of my choice. Plus, my dad told me before that QS was quite a good choice, suggesting me to take it at UTAR. That time UTAR was still a new university and I heard that UTAR has most of Chinese, then sure a lot of pretty girls those thing, so UTAR became one of my choice. But still, I still look for other institute.

One day we played football, sitting beside the goal there with my schoolmate, Yeoh. He told me that there is one course named WHAT WHAT WHAT Science one, is related to maths, can earn a lot a lot of money, but that course was only offered oversea. Since it was related to maths, and able to earn a lot of money, I started my interest on this course. Few weeks later, perhaps, I heard about the actuarial science, then I knew that the course of WHAT WHAT WHAT Science was actually actuarial science. And, I was also informed that UTAR did started to promote this new course! That's really a good news for me that time. Thus, without any second thought, all four MONEY-EYE dermaian, me, ah miao, yiyan and lijong, decided to go UTAR to study foundation leading to the course of Actuarial Science.

Came to PJ, miao and I stayed at my aunty's house for few weeks before the room we rented get ready. Few weeks later, we moved to PJ sec17, then suddenly Lijong and WeiPei became our housemates and Yiyan became our neighbour. That time, I got to know Kinzai, Limpek, Cheeming, AhSiang, Waikeat, Yichuan who were our housemates from Pahang.

In PJ, I had learned to yumcha at late night, I had learned to play DOTA... another memory at PJ that I can't forget was... playing gambling with housemates during CNY... (that time said CNY so play till 15th of CNY, then continued to play till the whole month of CNY.... then continued again to play till the end of the semester, which just stopped because we got to move to Setapak already =.=)



I still remember, the very first day at UTAR, we had to do Chemistry experiment and the report had to be submitted two weeks later. It was an experiment about penetration test, if not mistaken. I started to feel boring, because this did not give me any feel of uni life at UTAR as the first day got to write report already. I remembered that time, I told miao that we wanted to create a legend at UTAR, scored 4.0 or what... LOL

The 1st week at UTAR, since I kept on mixing with miao and yiyan only, thus having no chance to get know new friends. Thus, one day, I be the bad guy, leaving miao alone then tried to get new friends in my tutorial group. I knew I was bad that time, but I had to do so, otherwise both of us would be SOLO the whole year.

That year, I got to know pang, yuanbin, chuanyi, siangwei, siangkuak, alvin loh them, whom I mix the most with throughout my foundation year. I still remembered the moment we sat at the corridor outside PC lab there, scanning for the girls passing by us, and "spannar"? LOL

Although my tutorial group in foundation was not full of lenglui, our TD11 was one of the most famous class among other groups, due to our lovely courserep, who did bring a lawyer to sue the lecturer before, cheated us that the class was canceled and on the another side went to tell the lecturer that we wanted to cancel it, coupled with one of my classmate then broke up with him by passing his love letter around the lecture class...

Soon, semester 3, it was the time that we may change our mind on the course to be taken in our degree. I started to doubt on the future of actuarial science graduate, as I know that the demand in the market was not really high. Even if hired by company, the pay was also around 2000, as the very very high paid was only for those QUALIFIED ACTUARY. My lecturer told me, to get qualified, after graduate, we still have to sit for exam, still need to study everyday after work, which is the life that I don't want to have. Thus, I had made a decision, one of the biggest decision in my life, to CHANGE MY COURSE!

But what course to change? QS, ya... which was one of my choices previously. BUT, I was told by UTAR that UTAR QS was NOT accepting UTAR FOUNDATION STUDENTS, funny right? No choice, have to choose another else. Similarly, miao and siangwei were also influenced by me to change the course, and they changed to electronic engineering.

For me, before entering UTAR, I told myself, if I really choose engineering course, I will only choose E&E. Civil Engineering I heard about it before, but I heard that a lot people study it and it seem to be a course for not-so-good-result students to study. Thus, it was never be in my choices before. Even in my application forms to UTAR (we needed to fill in 5 choices of study), none of them is Civil Engineering.

HOWEVER.... maybe this was due to my last-time ambition of building hotels, or maybe this was because related to QS, or maybe this was because I heard from Yizhong that physics in course was all about forces, like what we studied in Form 4 Physics Chap2, 3 which were my favourite topics in physics that time... which made me at the end.... made another most important choice...

AND, finally, it became my course right now, CIVIL ENGINEERING... =.="